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Hand Sanitizer Gel Packets
Just the right amount!

FDA Approved
Manufactured in the USA

Why individual hand sanitizer packets?

Adequate hand washing solutions are not always available. We believe packets are an ideal delivery method for:

1. Retail & Restaurants
Allows the customer to acquire a packet and clean their hands after they are finished touching goods, packaged food, doors, cash, etc. What’s worse than rubbing in your sanitizer from a dispenser station and then grabbing a door handle?

2. Convenience Stores
Gravity box packaging makes for an ideal display item next to the cash register. Sanitizer boxes are the new candy bowl. For 50 cents, the customer can grab a sanitizer packet after they pump gas and buy a soda (and they can wait to use it until they are seated back in their car).

3. Field Professionals
Home care nurses & other areas of healthcare, utilities, outside sales, law enforcement, construction and logistics employees can carry a supply of sanitizer packets in their vehicles. A box of packets is more practical and effective than wipes or bottles.


Why are your sanitizer packets larger than the competition?

Simple – so you properly clean and sanitize to protect yourself from common germs that cause illness. The cat is out of the bag – the packets you’re used to don’t have enough liquid to clean your hands, nor does the 2.5mL average pump from a dispenser¹.

The American Journal of Infection Control published a study in December 2016² that found that averaged sized human hands need 3mL of sanitizer to disinfect both sides of both hands. The most common hand sanitizer packet size is 1.2mL – less than half of what you need!

Product information based on multiple sources. Note that the majority of retail stores were out of stock at the time this one-pager was produced.³

Purell Singles Water-Jel Hand
Sanitizer Packets
SannyTize Instant Hand Sanitizer
Format Individual packets Individual Packets Individual packets Individual packets
Standard Packaging Retail box of 200
3.2mL packets
Retail box of 125
1.2mL packets
Retail box of 144
1.2mL packets
Single 1.2mL packet
Headline Retail Price $74.99 / box $26.84 / box $19.16 / box $.023 / packet
mL per Purchase 3.19mL x 200 = 640.0 total mL 1.2mL x 125 = 150.0 total mL 1.2mL x 144 = 172.8 total mL 1.2mL
$ / mL $0.11 $0.18 $0.11 $0.19

1. Source:
2. Zingg, M.D., Walter et al. (2016). Hand coverage by alcohol-based handrub varies: Volume and hand size matter. American Journal of Infection Control.
3. Product information source:,,

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