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SaniSingles Boxes - Hand Sanitizer Gel Packets - 200 units - Total of 640mL per box

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For wholesale and orders of 8 or more, please contact:
(727) 532-8255

Just the right amount!

An ideal, mobile solution for individuals or customers in retail, restaurants, convenience stores, and field professionals such as healthcare, utilities, law enforcement, contractors, and delivery personnel.

Our hand sanitizer gel packets supply 3.2mL of hand washing solutions - which meets the recommended amount to cleanse both hands as published by the American Journal of Infection Control. The most common hand sanitizer packet size is 1.2mL - less than half of what you need!

FDA Approved
Manufactured in the USA
Volume per Packet 3.2mL
No. of Packets per Box 200 packets
Total volume per Box Total 640mL
$ per mL $0.11

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